Application Control Management System Replacement

HP Application Control and Management System (ACMS) for OpenVMS is a transaction processing (TP) monitor specifically designed for the HP OpenVMS operating system.

OpenVMS is a computer operating system realized in 1977. OpenVMS is a multi-user, multiprocessing virtual memory-based operating system (OS) that can be used for time sharing, batch processing, and transaction processing. Large companies have selected OpenVMS for different IT services like mail servers, network services, manufacturing or transportation control and monitoring, critical applications and databases. It is very effective for critical applications, but it is an old system.

Being an old system, many companies have difficulties about support and updates. ECube Systems is specialized in replacing ACMS with the less impact possible for the company processes and perfomances.

Frequently Asked Questions

Application Control Management System FAQ.

Application Control Management System (Application Control and Management System) (ACMS) is a transaction processing monitor software system from HP for computers running the OpenVMS operating system. ACMS was developed by Digital Equipment Corporation in the early 1980s as part of an effort to gain market share in commercial applications.

OpenVMS is an operating system from the Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) that runs in both its VAX and Alpha computers. OpenVMS evolved from VMS, which originated as the operating system for the VAX in 1979. VMS exploited the concept of virtual memory.

You can replace your ACMS with more modern systems, new RPC middleware and infrastructure. Althouth ACMS on Open VMS is a robust system, it is definitely obsolete.

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